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Easystart range includes: Monbat automotive, commercial and agricultural vehicle batteries, Dyno 6 and 12 volt Industrial batteries, Easystart own brand motorcycle batteries. Haze range of Gel and AGM batteries and Diamond and Monbat marine and leisure batteries. Also we have a good range of Durite and Exegon chargers and accessories. We also supply as sole distributors the Emrol Alfabat discharge testers.

Car Batteries

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Motorcycle Batteries

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Easystart Range of Monbat and Ducelier car batteries.

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Easystart range of 6 volt and 12 volt motorcycle batteries.

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Easystart range of commercial Monbat batteries. 

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Easystart range of Diamond leisure/marine and Monbat leisure/marine batteries.

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Easystart range of Dyno Industrial 6 volt and 12 volt batteries.

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Haze Gel

Easystart range of Haze Gel batteries, all suitable for electric vehicles.

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Haze AGM

Easystart range of AGM sealed lead acid batteries.

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Battery chargers, dis-charge testers and battery workroom accessories.

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